Pamela Hollings, LCSW
Individual, Couples and Family Therapy & Clinical Hypnosis
300 Carlsbad Village Drive, Ste. 216
Carlsbad, CA 92008
(619) 624-0735

$150 per 45-minute session

$300 per 90-minute session

$175 for 3 or more people per 45 minute session

Telephone consultations are prorated after the first 15 minutes

Credit cards accepted payment methods
Health Savings Accounts and Flex Spending Accounts accepted


Although I do not accept insurance as payment, nor bill insurance companies, you CAN get reimbursement if your insurance plan allows you to go out-of-network. To get started, you should contact them and ask the following questions:

1. I want to see an out-of-network mental health care provider – will my plan reimburse me directly for this?

2. Does my plan cover out-of-network mental health benefits? Which CPT codes are covered (90834, 90837, 90847)?

3. Does my plan have any diagnosis restrictions?

4. What are the terms of my plan—do I have a deductible?

5. Ask “How do I get you to reimburse me…I want to be sure you do not reimburse the provider since I am paying them in full – how do I complete the form to insure that you send the check to me?”

Next, you will need to fill out their claim form – this typically takes 2 minutes, and I can help you if needed. Make certain that you fill out your insurance claim so that you are the one getting reimbursed; otherwise, the company will issue a check payable to me that must be sent back, delaying your reimbursement by weeks or months. You will receive a “super bill” statement at the end of each session. It will have all the relevant information your insurance carrier will want to process the claim, including a diagnosis. If your insurance restricts any diagnoses, notify me about this before seeking reimbursement.

Please let me know if you have any questions or require assistance. I’m glad to help.

Cancellation Policy:
24 hour notice must be provided to avoid charges for a late cancellation or missed appointment