Pamela Hollings, LCSW
Individual, Couples and Family Therapy & Clinical Hypnosis
300 Carlsbad Village Drive, Ste. 216
Carlsbad, CA 92008
(619) 624-0735

"Someone introduced us to Pamela Hollings by describing her as the 'best marriage counselor in the world.' We tried her and we agree. Pamela's depth of experience and grasp of human nature made all the difference for our marriage. Her ability to address issues with grace and neutrality was critical to our forward progress. We gained huge value even from our first session. We aren't regular clients now – which can be attributed specifically to the success of her service to us. We enthusiastically recommend Pamela Hollings!"
-- Ron and Carol, San Diego, CA

"I am truly blessed that Pam Hollings was part of my healing. I went to Pam after a horrific auto accident. I was anxious, depressed and not functioning well. We used hypnosis and art therapy to get to the root of my depression in a positive, peaceful setting. Pam encouraged me to work through some difficult issues to emerge on the other side as a centered, grounded and spiritually enriched individual. She gave me the tools I needed to move forward and for that I am eternally grateful."
-- Robyn N.

"Pamela, I just would like to thank you for all your help. When Devon and I first came to see you it felt like we where so disconnected everything was so negative and unhappy.....the techniques that you showed Devon and I are truly helpful. Thank you again for helping bring back my daughter's smile."
-- Mother of a 12-year-old